Winston Fly Rods

A Look At Winston Fly Rods

Winston Fly Rods have been pushing fly rod technology ever since the company was purchased in 1929 right before the stock market collapse. Originally known as the Western Fishing Rod Company of San Francisco, the company has been pushing performance and quality throughout the years. The first rods built were so good that the general public called them “Winstons” which was a contraction of the new owners names, and the name stuck.

Through the years the company has had it’s ups and downs, but through it all has still managed to build to a reputation for solid construction. Winston Fly Rods have always been known for good overall quality, and then they really broke the mold in the 1980’s.

The 80’s ushered in a new era in Winston Fly Rods, as they introduced IM6 Graphite, a technology still used in their WT Trout Rods. They continued to build on the success of innovation and started to turn heads through the decade, and in the 1990’s they hit it yet again with a new rod building facility, and new technology that was made of an advanced boron/graphite composite. From there they kept pounding away in the labs and in 2000 presented the unlimited in technology with their new Boron II Technology.

The latest Winston Fly Rods offer maximum power, distance, and fish fighting capability. Their rods are sleek, fast, and strong, made from a highly advanced boron/graphite hybrid that is lightweight, responsive and streamlined. Many fishermen the world over have tested and confirmed that Winston is synonymous with quality.