Saltwater Fly Rods

Saltwater Fly Rods

Saltwater fly rods have come a long way.

Fly Fishing is one of the greatest leisure activities that you can engage in, and it really does offer a sense of tranquility. However, for those that are looking to add a little rush, all it takes is the investment into good saltwater fly rods, and then move from the river to the ocean.

Saltwater fly rods are reinforced to offer a stronger overall performance in the conditions that they’ll encounter. It also requires heavier tackle, and can be a little different in terms of what you’ll catch. In fact, you’ll encounter fish in a variety of sizes and some require boats and stronger lines to catch them.

Some of the fish that Saltwater Fly Rods can help catch are Bonefish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Tarpon, Striped Bass, Salmon, and even Marlin. Obviously, there is a great difference between fighting Salmon and fighting Mahi-Mahi or a Marlin, but for a wide scoped example, we included them. Many smaller options can simply be caught from the shore, but larger fish will require a boat a willingness to go further out.

It’s important to pair saltwater fly rods with good sturdy saltwater reels. The standard equipment that is used for fly-fishing will corrode and rust quickly due in large part to the salt. Some of the more expensive models could run you $500 for a reel but it’s an integral addition to your rod, or else you’ll find out fast that your equipment gets ruined way faster. Saltwater fly-fishing isn’t nearly as possible as fresh water fishing, but it is gaining some steam as an alternative to quiet streams and rivers. It just requires a different, more nuance, set of equipment.

Fenwick Fly Rods

Checking Out Fenwick Fly Rods

There is 50 years of history behind Fenwick Fly Rods and it seems to be growing in size and grandeur with every passing year. Fishermen all over the world have recognized the company as one of the big fishing names. Started in Kent, Washington a group of five Seattle fishermen decided to form a top-notch rod company using new fiberglass blanks and they have never looked back.

The company grew to make much more than just fiberglass rods, and have received many different awards for design and technology. The company really came into their own in the 1960’s getting recognized for their prowess in design. After gaining some steam two talented engineers joined the ranks and the company moved forward through the 70’s capturing the imagination of the fishing public with amazing light, strong fiberglass fly fishing rods. In the early 70’s though, something huge would hit that would change the world of fly-fishing forever.

Fenwick Fly Rods didn’t just happen over night; they continually pushed the envelope and even were first to introduce a graphite rod. Fenwick had captured the next big thing in graphite and skyrocketed through the ranks. The company has branched out to develop fishing rods for all styles of fishing and continues to impress industry insiders and consumers alike with a love and passion for fishing that many other companies just don’t seem to evoke any longer.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that has dedicated itself to fishing with near reckless abandon like the Fenwick name, that’s for sure.