Scott Fly Rods

The World of Scott Fly Rods

For over 35 years Scott Fly Rods have been manufacturing some of the best rods in the industry. Sure, most companies throw a slew of marketing terms at the consumer and try to convince them with clever schemes, but not the Scott company. In fact, true to their word, they simply bring forth the best rods money can buy.

Scott Fly Rods try to innovate fly rods in a way other companies simply can’t match. They’ve been getting rave reviews from experts and novices alike with top flex rating, low profile ferrule designs, unidirectional graphic scrims, reinforcing technology, and so much more. The company really puts anglers first, and offers no short cuts in their products.

Scott Fly Rods are handcrafted with pride in Montrose, Colorado. You’ll be in good hands with an American made product, which is given hand crafted care. This means that you’re not trusting foreign makers, or imports, you’re getting American muscle in every rod you purchase from the Scott company.

There are a lot of companies putting out rods today, but only a handful can even come close to rivaling the ingenuity of 35 years of experience. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company still working strong after 35 years in the same industry, without outsourcing, selling out, or going under.

Like Sage fly rods, Scott has a strong following of serious fly fisherman who would go with nothing else.

The difference is American made quality at an affordable price. Try a Scott fly rod out for yourself, and see if they work well for you, you’ll be a believer with first cast, that’s for sure.