Saltwater Fly Rods

Saltwater Fly Rods

Saltwater fly rods have come a long way.

Fly Fishing is one of the greatest leisure activities that you can engage in, and it really does offer a sense of tranquility. However, for those that are looking to add a little rush, all it takes is the investment into good saltwater fly rods, and then move from the river to the ocean.

Saltwater fly rods are reinforced to offer a stronger overall performance in the conditions that they’ll encounter. It also requires heavier tackle, and can be a little different in terms of what you’ll catch. In fact, you’ll encounter fish in a variety of sizes and some require boats and stronger lines to catch them.

Some of the fish that Saltwater Fly Rods can help catch are Bonefish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Tarpon, Striped Bass, Salmon, and even Marlin. Obviously, there is a great difference between fighting Salmon and fighting Mahi-Mahi or a Marlin, but for a wide scoped example, we included them. Many smaller options can simply be caught from the shore, but larger fish will require a boat a willingness to go further out.

It’s important to pair saltwater fly rods with good sturdy saltwater reels. The standard equipment that is used for fly-fishing will corrode and rust quickly due in large part to the salt. Some of the more expensive models could run you $500 for a reel but it’s an integral addition to your rod, or else you’ll find out fast that your equipment gets ruined way faster. Saltwater fly-fishing isn’t nearly as possible as fresh water fishing, but it is gaining some steam as an alternative to quiet streams and rivers. It just requires a different, more nuance, set of equipment.