Redington Fly Rods

A Look At Redington Fly Rods

Since 1992 Redington Fly Rods have brought forth innovation, performance, and value to anglers the world over. The company has firm roots in the Pacific Northwest and knows what some of the best fishing is like.

Redington as a company has branched out into a lot of different gear and accessories, and not just fishing rods, but they still manage to produce some of the best fly rods in the industry. The company has created technologies to help give fishermen of all skill levels an upper hand. Most recently they introduced the Rod Core Technology that is being utilized on all of their models. This new technology has a unique spiral core wrap that guarantees the rod will achieve a certain combination of lightness and durability that is consistent and desirable by all fishermen.

By continually working on how to bring modern technology into every product they release, Redington continues to turn heads in their production of fishing equipment. Redington Fly Rods have been reviewed well by many different experts and consumers. Their price points can range from mid-range to high end, but they are quite worth it. For those looking for a homegrown quality fishing company, Redington is one of the best. They are synonymous with Pacific Northwest fishing, and continually push the envelope for their consumers. They also support many fishing organizations and give back to the community with every purchase. They are proud sponsors of Trout Unlimited, Federation of Fly Fishers and the Take Me Fishing Program, caring for the community throughout the years.