Lefty Kreh Fly Rods

Lefty Kreh Fly Rods For Sale

Bernard “Lefty” Kreh is probably known more for his fly fishing books, stories and the famous Left Deceiver fly pattern than the fly rods carrying his name.

Lefty is a legend in the field of fly fishing, and was instrumental in developing the sport of salt water fly fishing.

Left began fly fishing in 1947, while he was a guide for Joe Brooks, the famous fly fisherman of the time. When Lefty moved to Florida in 1964, his love of fly fishing moved with him. Fishing the waters close to him, Lefty began fishing for salt water fish in the Florida keys.

Lefty became one of the pioneers, perfecting the fly fishing gear, and techniques, used to catch salt water fish.

Not only is Lefty a great fly fisherman and innovator, he is an accomplished writer. Lefty has written numerous books, and has had articles published in several of the major outdoor magazines.

Some of Lefty’s other accomplishments include begin inducted into the Game Fish Association Hall of Fame in 2003, and being named the Angler of the Year, by Rod and Reel Magazine, in 1997. Lefty has also been the senior adviser to Trout Unlimited for several years.

Lefty Kreh Fly Rods are produced by Temple Fork Outfitters. The popular rods include the Lefty Kreh Signature Series, and the Lefty Kreh Finesse Series.

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