Hardy Fly Rods

A Peek Into Hardy Fly Rods

One of the largest and most prominent fishing rod manufacturers in the world started from humble beginnings in 1872, that company has grown to be one of the biggest names in fishing and still brings forth quality and style in their products. That company is none other than Hardy. Hardy Fly Rods are amongst the top rated rods that you can invest in, and they have been making history since the company started in 1872 by a gunsmith named William Hardy.

The company first started working with bamboo and after winning gold medals and awards in many different exhibitions through 1881. Just ten years later the company would patent and release the Hardy “Perfect” reel, which has stood the test of time and has been one of the best selling models still sold today.

Fast-forward through the decades and Hardy has been on the list of top companies during many different innovative steps. They received countless awards for innovation, and after garnering much success opened up a large distribution and warehouse center in the United States. Previously based only out of the U.K. the company has outstretched their influence over different parts of the world to bring the best products to anglers of all walks of life. Hardy Fly Rods continue to impress even the hardest skeptic, with a look at technology and design, all while not sacrificing performance. There are a lot of companies competing for the #1 spot and Hardy still manages to pack a punch after all these years.