G Loomis Fly Fishing Rods

G Loomis Fly Rods For Sale

G Loomis is one of the great graphite fly fishing rod manufactures. Founded by Gary Loomis, the Washington state based fly rod company continues to often lead in fly rod design, using state of the art materials.

In 1982 Gary Loomis set out to build the perfect steelhead rod. Gary was no stranger to building fly rods having been a founder of Lamiglas Rods. He then left Lamiglas to form Loomis Composites which become LCI, then Talon USA. Gary then started what is today G. Loomis.

Gary wanted to build a steelhead fly rod that would be soft enough to soften the shock of a steelhead strike, yet with enough strength to land a powerful steelhead. Gary believed in the future of graphite in rod building, and set out to build that rod using specialized machinist equipment. The rest is history and Gary Loomis is a legend in fly fishing circles.

Today G Loomis boasts of an incredible line of quality fly rods including the RoaringRiver line, Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rod, Stream Dance, Steelhead and Salmon Fly Rods, Classic Fly Rods, Phase One Entry Level Fly Rods, Eastfork Fly Rods, Max GLX, Whisper Creek Fly Rods, Xperience, ShoreStalker, RoaringFork GLX, NativeRun Quinault and Native Run GLX Fly Rods.

With their variety of fly fishing rods, surely G Loomis has a rod that will fit your needs.