Antique Fly Rods

Checking Out An Antique Fly Rod

Many people want to throwback a little bit to simpler times, and in terms of fly-fishing, the simpler times meant that all fishing rods were made of bamboo. While bamboo fly rods are sworn upon by many experienced fishermen, there are new technologies that sometimes rival the performance, whether people are ready to admit that or not. When looking at an antique fly rod, it’s important to look at it from all angles and test it a little. Many people throw around the word “antique” and in reality are just using it as a marketing term or a term of elation that holds no weight.

There are a couple of things to look for when looking at an Antique Fly Rod, mainly the way it is shaped, and crafted. The line guides, pole pieces, ferrules, cork grips, and the reel should all have a very distinct look, feel and weight. The finish on these antiques should have withstood water damage, but wear and tear should be expected.

Taking care of an Antique Fly Rod can be cumbersome, as it needs to be well maintained so that it doesn’t decay or rot. Cleaning and drying the wood after each use is crucial and using furniture polish on the ferrules can help keep fine debris from running the pole. The cork grips can be maintained by cleaning them with a soft brush and toothpaste or soft dish soap. Be careful not to scrub or remove pieces of cork while you clean it.

An Antique Fly Rod is a great investment, whether to use for your fishing expeditions, or simply to collect and relive the memories of times past. It’s important to look for nuances that giveaway that antique feel, and clean rods properly so that they last through the years.